53 | Looking Forward

Celtic wildness

The Celts had an incredible zeal for spreading their faith in dangerous circumstances and with little resources. They were known for their apostolic wildness, driven by a love for Jesus, a vision of the heavenly kingdom, and a hunger for journey and adventure.

One account describes three monks who set sail from the southern coast of Ireland in a coracle. They took enough food for seven days but no oars, and simply trusted the wind of the Holy Spirit to lead them to a new mission field. On the seventh day they arrived on the coast of Cornwall (some say Northern England) and started going from one settlement to another witnessing to Jesus, healing the sick and serving the poor. They threw themselves in faith on the mercy of God. They were pioneers.


Pioneers push out into new territory, they have vision, they do new things. Settlers establish things and bring security, maturity and wisdom. Pioneers help things grow, settlers help things last.

Both settlers and pioneers need to learn again how to partner together. Pioneers can find a level of value and worth in settlers they wouldn’t have believed possible, in resources and experience. Settlers are still passionate to see pioneers go and make a difference, and find greater purpose in supporting and equipping them. Some of us have done amazing things in the past and will have the privilege of seeing others do more than we have ever done. Some of us have a lot of life in us yet and need to use it for His glory.

Ultimately it’s not about our work, it’s about Him. Looking forward to the heavenly kingdom we are to work together, pioneers and settlers alike, to display our heavenly future in the present, here on earth. Let’s look to Jesus, the original settler, the original pioneer.



What is a pioneer? Have we misunderstood pioneering or pioneers in the past?

Are you a settler or a pioneer? How could you partner better with people unlike you, releasing and supporting them?

What does it mean to “seek the things that are above” (Colossians 3:1-4)?


Numbers 13:30, Ezekiel 47, John 4:352 Corinthians 4:18, Hebrews 12:1-2, Colossians 3:1-4, Revelation 21:3


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